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 Fallout 4 ~ The New Neighbor [In Progress]

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PostSubject: Fallout 4 ~ The New Neighbor [In Progress]   January 6th 2018, 1:05 am

Yellowish green fog settled over the dilapidated houses and flashes of thunder struck the sky. Save for the stray movement of something metallic, hovering by a house's window, nothing stirred in the neighborhood ruins.

Codsworth floated dejectedly back and forth inside Mum's house. It was useless to try and clean while a radiation storm brewed outside - not that his cleaning did much good anyway. At least he could exterminate local pests. That was something. He pondered, for the one thousand, three hundred and eighty-second time since that dreadful day, when he'd lost his purpose, if he should try and find a new home. He ran some logistics, and his protocol kicked in.

"Mum," he perked up, "I really do think we should relocate..." He blinked, realizing he was speaking to no one...again. "Oh." He hung his large head, and tapped his rusted disc-saw against the decrepit wall. Clang. Clang. Clang. He was such a useless old thing, blast it all! And what a horribly  inappropriate thought.

Ashamed, Codsworth checked the windows to see if the storm was letting up. His optical lens zoomed in. "By Jove, Mum! Looks like we have a newcomer!"

Someone walked down Sanctuary’s main street, wrapped tightly in dark, ragged clothing. Codsworth couldn’t tell if they were male or female. He could only see the eerie reflection of green lightning in their large pilot goggles.

“They don’t appear to be hostile...” Codsworth watched, keeping hidden inside the house. Over the decades, he’d seen many Commonwealth rabble pass through the neighborhood, and very few of them friendly. But at least this one was alone. “I’ll wager they are looking for shelter from the storm.”

The figure paused in the road, hugging their own shoulders as they peered through the toxic green mist. There wasn’t much to see. After two hundred years, Sanctuary’s once quaint little homes were little but cracked, empty shells of drywall and debris. Dark, shattered windows stared cruelly back at the stranger. A harsh gust of wind picked up, rattling Mum’s house and sending a shiver through Codsworth’s circuits. The stranger fell to their knees, one gloved fist grasping desperately to the weed-choked street.

“Poor fellow isn’t going to make it.” Codsworth hesitated. His heart went out to the stranger, but he’d seen quite a few nasty, deceitful types around these days.

The stranger stayed down. They looked quite close to collapsing.

“Bother it all.” Codsworth zipped out of Mum’s house and floated over. He reached an arm out and hesitantly tapped the stranger on the back. Good lord, they were small. A child perhaps? It was impossible to tell in this bloody weather. He wished his scanning computer worked, but these days it only picked up rubbish and gave him splitting headaches.

“Hello there,” he said, a cheerful smile in his words.

Startled, the stranger turned, reaching for something in the recess of their mud-brown jacket.

Codsworth shyed back. “Oh, um...perhaps this is a bad time?”

The two of them stared at each other for a long moment, not moving. The stranger breathed hard and coughed. They only had a thick scarf to mask their mouth and protect them from the radiated air.

“I...I know where shelter is...should you like,” Codsworth said, anxiously rubbing two of his arms together. His third arm pointed the way. “Ah, shall we?”

The stranger kept their hand reached deep into their jacket, but nodded. Codsworth lead them down the street, sure to keep two of his eyes fixed on his guest. You couldn’t trust anyone these days.

He led the stranger into a ruined backyard and around a clump of wild mutfruit bushes. “Here we are. Mr. Jahani’s root cellar.” Codsworth clamped hold of the cellar door and heaved it open.

The stranger took a small step forward, looked down, then looked at Codsworth.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe!” Codsworth assured.

Still, they didn’t move.

Ah. Right. You couldn’t trust anyone. “All right then, I’ll go first.”

The robot floated down into the musty cellar and flicked a switch. Mr. Jahani’s generator buzzed to life and a dusty string of lightbulbs lit up. Their cold glow revealed a rather cramped room lined in with cinder blocks, containing only a couple of supply shelves and a dirty mattress on wood pallets. The only thing that promised value was a box safe stashed near the bed.

“I’m afraid it’s not that cozy,” Codsworth said, as the stranger followed him down, “But it should keep the radiation out...erm...”

He eyed his silent guest, detecting a distinct lack of gratitude.

“I believe an introduction is in order. Codsworth at your service. And you are?”

The stranger seemed to shrink at the question, but replied in a soft voice, “Liam.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Mister Liam,” Codsworth said warmly, “As pleasurable as it can be under the circumstances, haha.” He used his throat-clearing sound clip. His voice program came with all kinds of nuanced sounds to help his conversations with humans feel natural. “Ahem. Is there anything else you need, sir?”

Liam approached the safe, kneeling to inspect the lock with interest. There was a cat-like grace to his posture and small size. He must be a young lad, Codsworth thought, and quite the capable one to be surviving in the Commonwealth by himself.

“I’m fine,” Liam murmured, without looking at the robot.

“Well then...” Codsworth pondered what to do. “I...I trust you don’t mean any harm?”

“I keep to myself.”

“All the same, eh...I shall keep guard outside. Good day to you, sir.” Codsworth floated back up and out of the cellar.

Liam stood from his crouch and spoke with a sharp edge. “Are you going to lock me in?”

Codsworth paused. “Not unless you give me a reason to, sir,” he said, all three eyes trained on the boy. “Surely, you understand. You can’t trust anyone these days.”

“Right.” Liam averted his gaze.

“Goodbye, sir.”

Codsworth gently shut the doors. “He seems a decent chap,” he thought out loud. Good lord, he missed having someone to talk to. “I wonder if he’d like to stay.”
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 ~ The New Neighbor [In Progress]   January 6th 2018, 1:45 am

The sky was a sweet, clear blue-bonnet color when Codsworth rebooted the next morning. “Ah good morning, Mum!” he said cheerily, and went about business as usual. He patrolled the next door houses to clear out any pests that got in overnight, and then trimmed the brown, coarse grass in Mum's front yard. Sadly, watering didn't make it greener, though he'd tried repeatedly for the first decade or so after...everything.

He'd just begun a furious, if painfully pointless bout of dusting, when he heard the loud creak of the cellar doors. “Ah, I completely forgot!” Dropping the duster, Codsworth zoomed across the yard and to the back of Mr. Jahani’s house.

A young man with red hair stood bent over the cellar, gently closing the doors. He looked strangely neat and combed for the typical drifter, and his pale face had fine, clean-shaven features. Dark silver eyes glanced up at Codsworth, arching an eyebrow at the disturbance. The boy shifted his weight, and the sun caught the copper in his feathery hair. A smirk twitched the corner of his mouth. In his pressed black vest and matching slacks, he struck Codsworth as perhaps the most tastefully dressed drifter he'd ever met.

"Standing guard?" Liam asked.

Codsworth rattled his gears. "Mister Liam. Did you have a pleasant night’s sleep?” he asked.

“As pleasant as it could be.” Liam bent down and opened a duffel bag at his feet.

Codsworth instinctively floated back, and brandished his flamethrower. “Steady there!” he warned.

Liam froze, meeting the robot’s eyes. Gingerly, he pulled out a large, industrial work apron and held it up for Codsworth to inspect. “Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe.”

“What else have you got in there?” Codsworth came forward, curiosity replacing his caution.

Liam brought out work gloves and a thick apron to protect his clothes. Donning the equipment, he gave Codsworth a nod, rounded the house and crossed the street. Following him, Codsworth watched as the man began working on one of the homes, picking up trash.

“Can I be of assistance?” Codsworth offered, quite thrilled that at long last, someone cared about the dreadful state of his neighborhood.

“How much can you carry?” Liam asked, glancing at the collapsed pieces of roof and sheetrock on all sides.

“Ah.” Codsworth spun his hands and opened his clamps. “All Mr. Handy units are reinforced with industrial steel, sir. I believe I can give you quite the hand, haha.”

It was strenuous work, with a lot of heavy-duty lifting and finding hundreds of bent, rusted nails. But it wasn’t all trash and tetanus hazards. Liam salvaged what he could, making little piles of useful components and even some food supplies. He was a thorough and hard worker, only taking a break to either relieve himself or stay hydrated.

"Here you are, sir." Codsworth offered the boy a fresh can of water. “I prepared it myself.”

“Thanks.” Liam wiped sweat from his brow and took the drink.

“It’s nearing noon now. Are you hungry for lunch, by chance?”

Squinting up at the sun, Liam nodded and made for Mr. Jahani’s. “I have some food in the cellar.”

"Mr. Liam?" Codsworth followed. “I commend your efforts to restore Sanctuary Hills.” The robot had a grateful smile in his words. “This neighborhood is quite dear to me. Only please keep off Mum’s property. It is mine and mine alone to attend.”

Liam slowed in step, frowning. "Who's Mum?"

"My mistress."

“What?” Liam stopped, confused. “Where-”

"She's not here at the moment,” said Codsworth. “But I insist you respect her private property."

For a second, Liam looked ready to press the issue. Then he turned away and finished his water. “This would make a good settlement,” he remarked, scanning the surrounding houses. “A bit far from town, but safe. Not a lot of raiders this far north.”

“Do you mean to stay?” Codsworth asked.

Liam crossed his arms, indifferent. “Sure.”

The robot’s eyes sparkled. “Happy to accommodate, sir!”
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Fallout 4 ~ The New Neighbor [In Progress]
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