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 Fallout 4 Story Idea

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PostSubject: Fallout 4 Story Idea   January 6th 2018, 1:51 am

Liam, distinct descriptors: auburn hair, feathery, curtained bangs, fair face, sullen, clean, stormy eyes, thin, petite, dark jumpsuit, lithe, nimble, close-fitted, quiet and fast, flexible, moves like a viper, crouches like a cat.

Dogmeat discovers the fridge, sealed shut with a layer of melted rubber and rust. He's interested. You can hear a soft thumping. Someone inside hears him, and wants to get out.

Liam catches up with Dogmeat, inspecting the fridge suspiciously. He notes in there, but Dogmeat isn't growling, and clearly wants him to open it. When he obliges, he starts and points his pistol at Billy, but stops when he realizes what this is. Billy can't talk and seems for the most part feral, although not hostile. He can tell the difference between friend and foe, and he is attached to Liam, wanting his protection. But other than that he doesn't seem to know up from down. Being stuck in a fridge for two hundred plus years does that to a kid. Dogmeat loves him, and he's the only one who can calm Billy down and even make him smile.

When Liam takes Billy with him, he meets Bullet, who acts friendly and passes himself as a lone trader. The exchange is neutral enough, until Billy's value is brought up. Liam demands the Gunner road toll amount, telling Bullet he knows he has the money and that he knows he's a Gunner. The equipment and gun not so subtly hidden under his baggy coat give it away. When Bullet tries to take the kid, Dogmeat retaliates and Billy's scared into running off. Closing his business with Bullet, Liam follows Dogmeat and finds Billy hiding in his old house. A low-level rad storm starts up. Liam has to coax him to get him on his side again. In the end he finds an old holotape player, and a crate of holotapes. He plays through home recordings of what Billy's parents have been doing and how they've been coping without their son. As he listens, Liam realizes who the kid is, humanizes him, and realizes how far he himself must have gone into the dark to even consider selling him.

Billy connects to the tapes and won't leave them. Realizing the house was vacated, Liam wonders why the parents would leave something so precious behind. He searches around and draws from clues that maybe the house isn't empty after all. Things are still around that are fresh. A HAM radio is still on. A calendar with future days circled is hanging on the wall. He finds a stash of medicine, well stocked and dusted. He starts searching for a cellar hatch. In the end he has to move Billy and the holotape cabinet, with much fuss from the kid, to find the trap door. He pacifies Billy with Nuka-Cherry.

Just as he's about to knock, it bursts open and he's at the nose of a shotgun and a very angry ghoul father. Liam surrenders, insisting that he means no harm. When asked what he wants, he confirms the father is Matt Peabody from the tapes. Then he simply says that he found Billy, looking to the kid. Matt immediately drops his guard, overcome with emotion. He calls Carol up from the cellar and they both embrace their son. But the reunion darkens once they realize what's become of him. Liam tells them not to give up on the kid.

Matt has just apologized and offered heartfelt thanks, when bullets spray the house. Liam and the others drop flat, Matt grabbing his shotgun and Liam drawing his pistol. They listen as Bullet announces his terms. Without a word, Liam backs into the shadow and disappears. He reappears in brush cover a few feet from Bullet, gets behind him, creeps up and holds him at gunpoint. He coldly orders Bullet to call his men off and lose their guns. Bullet scoffs, saying no man could get a Gunner to give up his piece, even to save his skin. Once they realize their leader is compromised, the other men panic and turn their attention from the house. Liam cuts Bullets' knees and uses him as a human shield, yelling for everyone to drop their weapons. Half a dozen men point their guns at him, telling him to drop the boss.

Mid-shouting, a rifle shot takes out one of the men. Carol is posted at the house window and her aim is true. Bullets' men completely lose it, shooting wildly, killing him in the process. Carol kills a second target, Liam pops off two more with his pistol, Dogmeat ambushes another, and the last man high-tails it. As the gunfire stops at last, Liam realizes he was shot in the stomach. He faints as the Peabodys and Dogmeat rush to him. In the last scene, Liam rests in the Peabodys' house, bandaged, Dogmeat lying on the cot with him. Downstairs, he hears Carol and Matt singing a duet for Billy, their nasal sweet voices rising into the smoggy, green-tinged sky.
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Fallout 4 Story Idea
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