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 Movie Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

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PostSubject: Movie Review: Monsters vs. Aliens   January 6th 2018, 11:00 pm

Monsters v. Aliens is how NOT to design an animated film, and how to write humor with no soul.

My god, the second I saw the bug-eyed, plastic-faced humans in this movie, I kind of wanted to stop watching. Nothing else about the animation impressed either. It may be from 2009, but it has no excuse. But even if the animation wasn't painful, the story and writing did nothing to help.

Frankly I was most surprised by just how...little the film did for the main characters. It was much more invested in dated jokes and animation gags with Stephen Colbert's precious cameo. And Susan's motivation wasn't even that compelling. Oh boy, she wants to marry her obviously-not-good-for-her man and go to Paris. Yay? She had no relationship with her parents - other than for cliche, throwaway jokes. Compare her story to say, Hiro's story from Big Hero 6. He struggled with the death of his brother, learned to trust in his friends, and put love before anger. Susan just dealt with a breakup and learned how to take pride in herself. It's boring, and rushed. No one cares.

As for the villain, talk about a waste of animation. He was basically just a joke. That's all they meant for him to be. A joke. And since he was never a threat, when he took Susan's powers, it was boring. The only thing this guy had going for him was his super-computer/ship. I liked her humor, and honestly wish she'd been the main bad guy. It would have been a twist if she turned out to have been behind Galaxthar the whole time and had an avatar, so she could deal with a direct threat if it came to that. But this movie wasn't that clever.

All in all, I can take kids movies with dumb plots, but when you add in the ugly animation, it's a complete waste of screen time.
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Movie Review: Monsters vs. Aliens
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