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 Minor Character - Ruben D. Salvador

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PostSubject: Minor Character - Ruben D. Salvador   Minor Character - Ruben D. Salvador EmptyJanuary 18th 2018, 5:31 pm

Name: Ruben Deandre Salvador

Race: Kindred Vampire

Sex: Male

Age: 73 (Turned at 23)

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Bloodtongue (used for blood magic)

Eyes: Dark brown, big for his face

Hair: Black, ringlet curls

Skin: Coppery brown, flawless

Equipment: Typically dark, expensive suits. Conceals a small handgun and a switchblade on his person.

Magic: Ru is a Kindred Bloodmancer who specializes in artificial thralling. He has a sizable collection of magic collars, leashes, ties, cuffs, belts and other accessories that control the wearer, effectively enslaving them to his will. But he is still young, unpracticed and has little to show for his work. His thralls tend not to last long under his care.

Personality: Easily bored and also easily thrilled, Ru was once a high-maintenance, spoiled son of a Brazilian dignitary. On Darklight, his home was overrun by a Kindred army and everyone in his family was either killed or turned. Ru joined the army ranks, decimating the population of his own town for several years. He secretly despised the grunt work, mourning the loss of his individuality. Then he discovered his affinity for bloodmancing, and gained power and privilege once again. He's clung to this status. His life purpose is now all about having control over others, surrounded by sycophants, servants and toys. They never last. He'll always want more, and he'll always want better.

Goals: Ru loves projects and creative freedom. He's obsessed with making perfect thralls, who serve his every want and need.

Obstacles: He still lacks experience and responsibility. Ru will get bored of his own goals and indulge in long and addictive distractions. On top of all this, his Sire wants to control his future and has consistently meddled with his life.
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Minor Character - Ruben D. Salvador
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