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 Minor Character - Maya Santos

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Name: Maya Santos

Race: Kindred Vampire

Sex: Female

Age: 84 (turned age 34)

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Bloodtongue (used for blood magic)

Eyes: Black, piercing

Hair: Black, shaved

Skin: More on the light and golden-brown spectrum, with black tattoos. She has a snake coiled around her left bicep, a spider-web pattern on her left shoulder, and the words "I Am Dead" printed on her back, right at the base of her neck.

Equipment: She dresses in men's clothing, typically cargo pants, combat boots and a tank top. She always wears a stab-proof vest under her shirt, and her utility belt. It includes an array of useful tools such as her radio handset, handgun, combat knife, handcuffs, a taser, pepper spray, and bug repellent. 

Magic: Maya pretty much only knows healing magic. She can use freshly spilled blood to perform regeneration spells on wounds. The more blood she has, the faster and more she can heal. Her magic leaves no scars except in very severe cases, and it works as long as she can identify what's wrong and it's receptive to vampire magic. Mysterious ailments are beyond her reach, and faery-warded bodies reject her spells.

Personality: Even before she was turned, Maya had a dark and twisted life. She was a murderer, a liar, and a quiet, unfeeling woman. She lived with a gangster husband who she had to pretend to love. When Darklight struck, she lost everything to a vampire attack, and was at their mercy. They made her suffer and then turned her. Maya quickly established herself as one of their most formidable and vicious recruits. She formed a bond with Ruben Salvador, another offspring of her sire. She's stayed with him for the past several decades, not necessarily out of loyalty, but her lack of ambition. There's no place she'd rather be. She likes to lie low, indulge in power, relationships, the pain of others. She believes nothing truly matters, and has spent the last fifty years looking at everything with calm, dark resolve.

Goals: Maya does not consciously set goals, and likes to think she doesn't need them. But she's always trying to get close to someone, trying to establish something with them. People, and their emotions, are the only things left in the world that interest her.

Obstacles: Maya has met plenty of people who stood in her way, but she's not had a challenge in a long time.
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Minor Character - Maya Santos
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